Let’s Hear It For The Quiet Ones

Regarded as one of the most influential rock bands in history, The Who are responsible for a number of groundbreaking albums that went on to sell over 100 million records worldwide. If you ever hear anyone talking about the group, they’ll probably wax lyrical about Townsend’s incredible songwriting, Daltrey’s rasping stadium-filling voice, or perhaps the … More Let’s Hear It For The Quiet Ones

Eight Days A Week

Before the Fab Four were fab, they played the clubs of the notorious Reeperbahn district in Hamburg for over two years. Their average schedule went something like this – each week night they’d play from 8pm to 2am, then on Saturday and Sunday, start at 6.30pm and finish around 3am. During this period The Beatles … More Eight Days A Week

Know Your Audience

During the early nineties, the British Indie scene was awash with talent. Bands like Radiohead, Blur and Pulp created albums that went on to help define an era. Though their music was vastly different, the musicians themselves did happen to share a couple of commonalities. Firstly, practically every successful band of the time had links … More Know Your Audience