One for the Fans

After the demise of The Yardbirds, Jimmy Page went on to quickly assemble his own group that in a few short years would become one of the best-selling artists of all time. Led Zeppelin’s popularity however wasn’t shared by everyone. ‘Dull’, ‘monotonous’ and ‘redundant’ were just a few of the words music critics used to … More One for the Fans

Let It Be

The talented painter Stuart Sutcliffe decided if he was going to take his passion for art more seriously, he’d have to give up playing bass in his band. A necessary sacrifice for Stuart but a disaster for the group. With gigs already lined up, they needed a solution fast. One of the other guitarists in … More Let It Be

Back to Basics

Halfway through making the fourth Foo Fighters album, Dave Grohl unstrapped his guitar and walked out of the studio. The pressure of being the driving force behind the band had become too much, leading to the singer songwriter falling out of love with music. So Dave decided to leave his job as frontman of one … More Back to Basics

With Or Without You

Throughout their lengthy career, the boys from Dublin have had to endure their fair share of flak. But for all the haters, they’ve also had their share of admirers. Enabling U2 to notch up over 170 million album sales and sell out venues in every Enormo-Dome™ around the world. Not everyone likes them but that … More With Or Without You

Work Hard. Rest Hard.

Sleeping bags. That’s Soundwave’s lasting memory of producing Kendrick Lamar’s album, Damn. Such was Lamar’s work ethic, they practically lived in the studio for months. And when Kanye West wanted the artist to open for him on his American Yeezus tour, Kendrick only agreed to do it under the proviso he had a recording studio … More Work Hard. Rest Hard.