Know Your Audience

During the early nineties, the British Indie scene was awash with talent. Bands like Radiohead, Blur and Pulp created albums that went on to help define an era. Though their music was vastly different, the musicians themselves did happen to share a couple of commonalities. Firstly, practically every successful band of the time had links … More Know Your Audience

Beyoncé and Partners

Beyoncé’s highly personal album Lemonade, achieved worldwide success on its release in 2016. But what’s interesting for such an intimate piece is how many people contributed. In making the album, Beyoncé collaborated with an astonishing seventy writers. Part of the process involved the artist setting up a writing camp at her house in The Hamptons, … More Beyoncé and Partners

Pressure Perfect

In the Spring of 1971, after finally extricating themselves from a costly management deal, The Rolling Stones soon discovered they were flat broke. With the British Government raising taxes for high earners to over 90% – The Stones simply couldn’t afford to stay in Britain. So, in a bid to escape imminent arrest, they hopped … More Pressure Perfect