Greed Is Good

Initial success may have arrived at Bowie’s feet with the single, Space Oddity but it was the 1972 album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, arriving a few years later that catapulted the boy from Brixton to stardom. Its release in June coincided with a brutal touring schedule, including … More Greed Is Good

Find a Happy Place

In the summer of 2006, Justin Vernon felt his life was going nowhere. Disillusioned, he left his band, split up from his girlfriend and drove through the night and into the wilderness to stay at his Dad’s unused cabin, deep in the Dunn County forest of Wisconsin. With only a handful of DVDs, some musical … More Find a Happy Place

Hard Knock Life

Back in 2014, little known Brooklyn based rapper Prince Harvey released his first album. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, until you hear how he made it. Following a kind offer from his LA bound friend to use his New York flat while he was away, Harvey moved in. What his mate neglected to … More Hard Knock Life

Nothing Compares

At the grand old age of nineteen, Prince recorded his first album ‘For You’. Its placing in the US charts wasn’t particularly impressive but what does make you sit up and pay attention are the words printed below the track listing on the album’s back cover. For You was ‘written, arranged, performed and produced’ entirely … More Nothing Compares