Heavy Mettle

After finding huge success as a solo artist throughout the eighties and early nineties, Ozzy Osbourne’s popularity had begun to wane. One of the popular festivals at the time was the Lollapalooza tour in America. In a bid to keep Ozzy current, Sharon, his manager and wife attempted to book the Prince of Darkness at … More Heavy Mettle

Talk Sense

Whether writing independently or holed up together in John’s loft at his Surrey mansion, Lennon and McCartney wrote songs that captivated millions across the world and changed popular music forever. The melodies and the moptops definitely helped but it was the writing that initially struck a chord with the world. When asked about his main … More Talk Sense


While in Paris during the mid-eighties, the hugely influential singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen went to see his friend Bob Dylan perform. The following morning, the two titans of music sat outside a secluded café and shared coffee and conversation. Both fans of each other’s work, Dylan began asking Cohen about ‘Hallelujah’ – a song … More Hallelujah